Avieco’s key staff have pioneered the RFID field from technology’s birth, even before the term 'RFID' was established.

Already in the '80:ies, our experts assisted automotive plants such as Audi, BMW, GM and Toyota to pioneer Auto ID in their factory flow-lines. It became possible to produce cars to individual customer needs, rather than to produce batches of cars with options that not every customer was prepared to pay extra for.

With immense obstacles bypassed in the early days, new territories were conquered. Success stories in applications such as transportation logistics, hands-free parking and road tolling made identification of large and valuable objects in demanding applications an new area of focus.

Meanwhile, technology advances gave birth to new RFID generations, well-thought ISO standards and harmonized radio regulations. Competition with vendor-independent hardware providers followed, making innovativeness and application know-how even more important factors for success.


The recent knowledge base and expertise in Avieco originates, for example, from RFID to keep track of transportation vehicles in a number of large Swedish mines for iron ore, copper, silver and gold.

Other prestigious applications in Sweden includes RFID for more effective material flow at a truck manufacturing plant, and for automatic weighing of heavy transportation vehicles in a major steel plant.

In continental Europe, our late know-how comes from, among others, applications for waste collection, railway wear control, industrial vehicle access, tire production, forest industry, patient tracking and large-scale tracking of bicycles. And outside Europe, in this context, a number of roadtoll plazas, mines and off-street parkings deserve to be mentioned.

To comply with the demanding requirements of such customers, and to allow use of generally available hardware, Avieco's current product line is carefully specified, extensively proven and very easy to integrate and use.


Avieco wants to be your trusted RFID expert and let you take advantage of all the experience gained over past years.

We support modern readers with carefully selected basic properties, and an open architecture that enables them to be loaded with application-specific firmware.

You will benefit from added functionality, customer specific host protocols and other features not available in the basic product.

This strategy leads to a more powerful product program and ensures safe sourcing long-term. Compare to how Windows gave PC users access to a large variety of PC brands, and not only IBM-PC.

You can also trust that the readers meet relevant CE and ISO standards.

The tags use chips and inlays from leading manufacturers, regardless of if it is for sticker-, card- or hard tag types. And to projects that require properties not available in here listed tags, we also support OEM tags – however always with detailed specification and proven design.