With excellent range/speed performance, compliance with industry standards, robust design, and a well-thought selection of tags, Avieco RFID systems are designed for keeping track of large, valuable objects such as trucks, buses and railway vehicles. The system is very user-friendly with modular design and modern interface, including high-level protocols, web interfaces and support for nation-wide operation.

Reducing capital tie-up, expediating better planning of transports and more efficient equipment maintenance, the systems help synchronise fleets or logistics processes and improve efficiency e.g. in public transportation, harbours, airports, recycling plants, postal services and many other places. Avieco systems also minimises the labour needs, at the same time as safety and security is improved.



Almost every car or truck ride ends with a parking, often behind a barrier or door. With Avieco RFID systems, passing through these gates is dramatically facilitated.

When users enjoy all the benefits of safe and convenient hands-free access, this information quickly spreads to new potential users and creates additional market need.

This may, for example, lead to that service providers can increase their earnings and benefit from higher effectivity and improved security and safety in the operations.

Depending on the application – be it frequently used off-street parkings, access to high security areas or in/out passage at industrial sites, additional gains are obtained to further shorten the ROI time.



With ’Specialist applications’ we mean new uses of high-performance RFID for ’special’ items, such as ground-fix points, bicycles, steel slabs and waste bins. These applications are core technology for Avieco since they are hard to solve with ’me-too’ RFID.

It can for instance be to provide a very robust and accurate system for bicycle identification. Another example may be installation of readers on heavy-duty vehicles that are subject to extreme temperatures, vibrations, voltage variations and other harsh conditions.

While these problems may be solved in a number of ways, only one is optimal. Avieco therefore appreciates to be consulted regarding what ID technology to use. We can usually provide the optimum solution.