Avieco RFID readers (photo shows AR800-AT) conform to UHF RFID standard ISO 18000-63 (-6C), using latest RFID radio- and microelectronics technology.

They provide dedicated functionality for targeted application areas, such as on-board vehicle installations, and/or fixed-spot ID of large moving and valuable objects (e.g. road- and rail vehicles). We realize this with our embedded firmware, that runs on a high-capacity Linux processor. The result is not only unique performance and functional properties, but also portability of solutions between reader models.

Common to all readers are an efficient and EMC-tolerant power supply, a robust design for harsh environments, traditional serial- and I/O interfaces, two or four antenna ports, and a widely settable, yet predictable, RFID tag reading distance.



Avieco’s tag family (photo shows AT400) includes, among others, these long read-distance tags;

AT100 ‘Laminate tag’, featuring a unique Tag IDentification code (TID) and a programmable Electronic Product Code (EPC) memory. It sticks to most surfaces, e.g. a windshield or plastic holder, and supports various print/coding options.

AT200 ‘Card tag’, is an ISO-sized card that fits in a slide-in holder with adhesive pads. It is primarily designed for vehicle access control applications, and, just like with AT100, it features a unique TID code and a programmable EPC memory.

AT500 ‘Heavy Duty tag’ is typically used for transportation logistics and features TID code and EPC memory like the other tags. AT500 has a sealed, robust design and is optimized for use on a metal surface.



Knowing accessories shortens time-to-market, lowers project risk and facilitates your planning. However, please understand that all accessories can't be shown here; so don't hesitate to ask for more!

Reader/antenna accessories range from AC/DC converters and cables for power, communication and I/O, to antenna cables, power splitters and bracket arrangements for sturdy antenna mounting.

To appy the tags, there are several useful items, such as slide-in card holders, adhesives in pad or reel format, and pre-defined metal parts.

We will also be pleased to provide PC software for system evaluation, as well as guidance on how generally available merchandize from the market can be used to help optimize the selection of readers, antennas and tags.