The fashion industry has had a disastrous impact on the environment. In fact, it is the second-largest polluter in the world, just after the oil industry accounting for 10% of global GHG emissions with a 50% growth by 2030 expected at the current pace. 

Retailers, supply chains and consumers are only now starting to realise the severity of the situation and although some brands have made positive changes, these are small compared to the systemic and industry-wide revolution that needs to take place to protect the environment.

The fashion sector’s impact on the environment goes beyond carbon. The high consumption of water, the vast amount of waste produced, and the wide-spread social issues are now under the scrutiny of responsible consumers and stakeholders, thanks to the increasing number of reports available that disclose just how sustainable clothing really is.   

For example, Good on you, famously supported by actress Emma Watson, rates brands based on their impact on people, planet and animals. The Fashion Transparency Index by Fashion Revolution has also become a classic –it’s a yearly review of the 200 most influential global fashion brands that rank retailers according to how much they disclose about their social and environmental impacts, practices and policies.

While positives changes have been made by the fashion industry, these changes have been incremental and have not resulted in the significant emissions reduction required by the industry. 

In this episode of Avieco Answers, CEO Ben Murray and Consultant Cynthia Adu tackle some of the complexities around sustainable fashion and discuss the most frequently asked questions that our sustainability experts encounter when speaking to clients and the wider market. 

This episode of Avieco Answers covers:

  • What are the main sustainability challenges faced by the fashion industry? 
  • What makes these challenges complex for the fashion industry? 
  • How far has the industry come in tackling these challenges? 
  • What has worked well from these efforts/what hasn’t? 
  • What role do fashion brands have to play in making consumers more sustainable? 
  • How can Avieco help fashion brands? 

Avieco Answers – answering what’s relevant to your business.

The world of sustainability is changing rapidly – it can be hard to grasp which trends will have the greatest impact on your industry. For this reason, we have created Avieco Answers: a series of videos that go to the heart of the sustainability topics that are relevant to you. From science-based targets to zero waste, our experts will share their insights on sustainability’s most pressing issues, and explain how they might impact your business and your sector.

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Avieco Answers: Fashion
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