The climate crisis is a stark reality. Significant climatic shifts are causing irreversible long-term damage to the environment, a rising frequency of natural disasters and humanitarian crises across the world. Financial markets and businesses are feeling the impact, too. Flooding, wildfires and other extreme events are resulting in systemic macroeconomic shocks. Chronic changes to the environment, such as rising sea levels, are leading to unexpected financial losses. According to reports, almost $43 trillion of assets and investments could be wiped off because of climate change-related risks. It is critical (and in some cases mandatory), therefore, that businesses plan for climate change by following the Taskforce’s recommendations on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure.

To encourage organisations to move in the right direction, last year the UK announced that reporting in line with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) will become mandatory by 2025 across the economy, with premium listed companies expected to comply by the end of this year.

In this episode of Avieco Answers, CEO Ben Murray and  Associate Director Laura Jordan tackle some of the complexities around TCFD disclosure and discuss the most frequently asked questions that our sustainability experts encounter when speaking to clients and the wider market. 

This episode of Avieco Answers covers:

  • What is TCFD and how did it come about
  • TCFD in the UK: disclosure rates and mandatory dates
  • TCFD’s recommendations: an overview
  • Importance of disclosure and benefits
  • Scenario analysis
  • Who does disclosure help
  • How can Avieco support companies wanting to disclose to TCFD

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Avieco Answers: TCFD
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