Project background

The Religious Society of Friends (RSF) is a faith group, also known as Quakers in Britain, committed to working for equality and peace. RSF occupies a large building in Euston, London, called Friends House, which acts as RSF’s centrally managed offices that provides conferences and event space for many third sector clients, with 31 meeting rooms and ‘The Light’ – an auditorium with capacity for 1,000 people.

RSF is committed to reducing their environmental impact and made a pledge to reduce its carbon footprint by 30% and started reporting on it in 2009, which included emissions from Friends House and travel. Reporting emissions has allowed them to monitor their progress along with the environmental changes they have made. RSF chose Avieco to report their emissions since 2009 to ensure that their ambitious goals will be achieved.

Our approach

We have worked with RSF for 8 years through a two-part process aimed to monitor their environmental progress:

Step one – the action plan:

In 2009 we assisted RSF in developing a clear action plan, detailing areas in which RSF can make changes to reduce their carbon emissions. This was developed through carrying out an energy and resource audit at Friends House to identify opportunities for improving performance and optimising operational efficiencies.  We have visited RSF every year to track progress, identify new opportunities, update the action plan, and ultimately, ensure that they are on track to achieve their goals.

Step two – calculating RSF’s carbon footprint:

We have followed best practice, year on year, to calculate RSF’s carbon footprint. We collected, verified and calculated RSF’s data in accordance with the World Resources Institute Greenhouse Gas Protocol, following the principles of relevance, completeness, consistency, accuracy and transparency. Our rigorous process ensured that the quality RSF’s data continuously improved, and that the organisations carbon footprint is as accurate as possible.

Project outcomes

The two-part process we worked through with RSF, and the continued commitment demonstrated by RSF, has led to significant beneficial impacts including:

  • Avieco has helped RSF achieve a 29% reduction on 2009 carbon emissions. This has been driven by a 43% reduction in gas consumption, achieved by installing new boilers, and adding secondary glazing to windows and insulation to walls
  • Avieco has helped RSF understand dual reporting, and they now procure 100% renewable electricity at Friends House
  • RSF’s water consumption has fallen by 47% thanks to installation of water saving devices (e.g. toilet flush sensors) and a rainwater harvesting system
  • Friends House’s emissions from waste have fallen by 24% due to the introduction of new recycling streams (e.g. food waste) and their decision to send zero waste to landfill
  • RSF has switched to using nearly 100% recycled paper, therefore their paper emissions have fallen by 49%
  • RSF has improved travel data and increased the use of conference facilities, thus reducing their travel carbon footprint by 41%.

RSF’s continued commitment to addressing the sustainability of their operations has meant that RSF has truly become a beacon of best practice. RSF have demonstrated that commitment to their action plan and reporting GHG’s has been incredibly beneficial to their business, by driving down almost all emissions sources. This is not the end of the journey for RSF as sustainability requires ongoing work, and we look forward to continuing our work with RSF in the future.


We have been working with Avieco since 2009. They have accompanied and supported us in our sustainable journey by providing us with great data and insights. This helped us refine our sustainable and environmental strategy year on year. Our collaborative approach to work means that we have built a strong relationship based on trust, respect and professionalism. And this has paid off, asAvieco let us know that we have reduced our carbon footprint by 29% since 2009. We share this success with Avieco, as their expertise has been highly valuable and crucial, in reaching this great achievement.

Paul Grey

The Religious Society of Friends

For more information, please contact:

Daniel Collins, Consultant
[email protected]
T: 0207 048 0450

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