Croda International is a global speciality chemicals manufacturer producing high-quality ingredients and technologies for some of the most successful brands in the world in sectors such as personal care, health and agriculture.


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Croda puts sustainability at the heart of its operations, has recently set a science-based emissions reduction target and creates innovative products that have a positive effect on the environment and society. This is supported by its long-term strategy to become Climate, Land and People positive by 2030.



With manufacturing locations across the globe, it’s obvious a chemicals company such as Croda will have a large carbon footprint. Emissions from its operated estate and vehicles are significant, but they are also well understood and managed; they have been for many years. Whereas in some sectors, calculating your business’s operational carbon footprint is seen as a leadership step; for manufacturers like Croda, monitoring and reduction of energy, resource use, associated cost and wastage is basic hygiene. What poses a greater challenge for the chemicals sector, is to look at the environmental impacts that occur outside of the factory gates. Faced with climate change, customers and investors are calling for businesses to create more value in products, achieved with less impactful inputs. This is not easy, the supply chains are complicated, stretch around the globe and data is often scarce. But Croda truly is a leader and have stepped up to this challenge ahead of the rest.

Sustainability underpins the way we think commercially and is the biggest driver of our strategy. We recognise that long-term value creation will be driven at the intersection of innovation and sustainability.



Croda and Avieco worked in collaboration to calculate the upstream emissions embedded in its raw materials. This started by modelling the emissions impact of a single product, creating a robust, standards-compliant product emissions tool from cradle to gate. This has then been rolled this out across Croda’s top product lines. Not only has this allowed quantification of product impacts, it also allows informed choices to be made about raw materials selection during product development. In addition, Croda knows that many of their products have environmental benefits in use – for example, extending the lifetime of technologies like wind turbines – but it’s long been hard to prove this. As such, Avieco has worked with Croda to establish a ‘benefits in use’ framework by which they can start to quantify avoidance or reduction of GHG emissions associated with use of products by customers or consumers in their end application.




In 2020 Croda committed to being the most sustainable supplier of innovative ingredients, and in 2021 became the third major chemicals company in the world to commit to net zero and publish a verified Science-Based Target. Avieco’s work has helped to underpin these commitments; we look forward to supporting the active steps to achieve these goals next.

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