CDP is a not-for-profit organisation that runs the global disclosure system to encourage the reduction of environmental impacts. The organisation requests information from companies and cities related to the impacts that businesses have on natural resources and about the strategies in place for managing these.

CDP provides a framework for companies to assess the risks and opportunities that are posed to their business by climate change, deforestation and water scarcity, to help companies create long- term value and progress towards a sustainable business growth.

CDP has become the ultimate standard for sustainability disclosure and encourages companies to develop transparency, accountability, measurement and management of their environmental impacts.

Disclosing to CDP is the perfect place to start creating your roadmap to improve your business’ performance – that’s why we created our CDP guide. This recognised international disclosure system offers your business the opportunity to tell its sustainability story, have its performance benchmarked and understand the actions it should be taking next. Whether you respond to CDP voluntarily, or because investors have mandated you to, responding to CDP challenges your business on why you aren’t doing more on climate change.

In our CDP guide, we provide you with insights and advice on how to achieve a higher CDP score for your organisation.

Download our CDP guide here

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