“An eco-friendly working environment improves staff health, refines productivity, and revitalizes the total office ambience.

An eco-friendly office reflects a working space that aims to reduce its environmental impact – with staff being aware of their social responsibility. A recent study reveals green offices produce a 26% boost in cognition and increases the productivity of workers by 15%. The study also found significant improvements in information usage, strategy, and crisis response. Holistically, it promotes a fresh and healthy work environment. Although these benefits are just to mention a few, here are some quick and easy tips on how you can begin to make your own eco-friendly office.

1. First things first – setting the right attitude

Introducing eco-attitude across your office could be a challenge. For example, getting your staff to understand how to recycle or dispose of waste correctly can take time to sink in. But just like any significant change, you may have seen – the simple formula here is to make that change happen – step by step. A great way of doing this is by getting the team involved and setting smaller, environmentally-friendly targets on a weekly or monthly basis. For example, one can consider reducing their lunch waste by 10% week on week or even cycling to work twice a week and four times a week later.

Consider creating a sustainability team can that manage and implement all the green initiatives in your office. The team could think about facilitating better waste recycling bins or decide on better energy-efficient appliances and safe cleaning supplies. Most importantly, a sustainability team can help empower the rest of the organization by giving them the right resources and training. Many companies have now started to allocate sustainability champions to motivate the team to embrace sustainability – and getting it right. We have demonstrated in a significant way by holding a series of workshops at BDO– aimed at facilitating an environmental champions network throughout the company.

Team competitions are a fun way of engaging the wider team. You can hold monthly competitions that head towards promoting an eco-friendly office. For instance, challenge the team to spend a month without driving to work – the person who can continue this for the longest can be rewarded. Regular communications with the team, such as sharing alarming statistics or updating recent environmental news – is another way to engage and motivate your staff.

2. Reducing your energy use

Using natural light is one significant way of reducing energy use. An added benefit is – natural light has played an active role in making people feel calmer and happier. In the case of not having windows, LED lights with sensors are a sustainable solution. Lights with sensors work by switching on/off depending on motion changes, hence reducing use and saving costs.

Almost all the technology around you has a control station – not just lights, but computer screens, heating, air conditioning. Don’t let these run pointlessly throughout the night or during the day. Energy-saving screens with adjustable settings do come with different price ranges – flexible to business financial capacities.

3. Assessing your supplies and stationary

An office will always need supplies – you will always need the computer screens, and those standard printers, notebooks, and furniture for meetings. However, our options for what we buy and how we buy are changing. There are numerous alternative products right from pens, papers, notebooks to printer ink now being made from recycled materials, and there are also products which are recyclable, biodegradable, or second-hand – maybe give them a trial.

4. Transforming the office landscape

A spacious office plays an essential role in reducing your anxieties. With a long-extended to-do list – an office with better utilization of space around can help you feel less stressed. This means you can think about how you can use the area in your office- think about space between desks, is the furniture it rightly placed? Or is it too close together? It is essential to have enough breathing space between your working space and other furniture for clear thinking. Although hot-desking is trending now, having enough space between desks is just as important.

5. Fixing the finer bits

Now that you have thought about space. Think about the things that motivate you to continue this momentum. You can consider replacing unnecessary corner cabinets with green plants around the office – or even think about having a personal desk plant. Other options include investing in eco-friendlier machines such as a low energy efficient energy printer, or an eco-friendly coffee machine for the wider team to use. Moreover, toilet and kitchen supplements can be replaced with ones that use less or no chemicals in the case of washing up liquid or regular toilet handwash.


An eco-friendly office is an excellent way to embed the discipline of practicing sustainability throughout a business. The biggest challenge can be changing the mindset of individuals – however, training and regular conversations around how to be sustainable can help increase the awareness of being socially responsible. Most importantly, while it is down to the top management to initiate this movement of being eco-friendly – it is an individual responsibility to get sustainability right.

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