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Stepping into a New Year we all create a set of personal resolutions; from health and wellbeing commitments to financial and family matters. Have you, however, thought about putting triple-bottom-line resolutions and goals in place for the future of your business too?

The good news is – Carbon Smart will be producing a series of expert blogs and case studies in the coming weeks to guide your business through the major sustainability trends and business risks for 2019.  The process of deciding your resolutions list for being a better business in 2019, just got a lot easier.

Coming up, in early 2019 we will put a spotlight on:

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting

This years’ major environmental compliance risk

All large organisations (250 employees+) captured by the Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships Regulation 2018 will need to ensure compliance with SECR (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting legislation) when it comes into force on the 1st April 2019.  This includes:

  • Upgraded environmental reporting requirements that demand organisations to start reporting, or up their game on, environmental disclosures in their annual report and accounts
  • ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme) is here to stay and large organisations need to comply with phase 2 by 5th December 2019
  • CRC scrappage at end of 2018-19 is confirmed, but ramped up Climate Change Levy (CCL) will take its place and impact even more businesses in the forthcoming year

CDP Reporting

Best in class sustainability disclosure and corporate governance

Investor and customer interest in triple-bottom-line performance amongst large organisations continue to grow.  As such, scrutiny of sustainability and corporate governance information through the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) will continue to be important to businesses in 2019.  To gain top marks, ensure your business has the governance mechanisms in place and tangible action to report against the themes of:

  • Climate change scenario analysis
  • Scientifically credible environmental targets
  • Quantifying and seizing low carbon market opportunities
  • Sector-specific based sustainability knowledge and leadership

Science-Based Targets(SBTs)

Drive real-world impact through certified environmental targets

Setting meaningful carbon reduction targets for your business that are in line with climate science is growing ever more important. With 509 organisations globally pledging to take action and 162 with certified targets in place, momentum continues to grow within this index.  Reap the considerable benefits of SBTs during 2019:

  • Build resilience ahead of increasing pressure for low carbon regulation and markets
  • Drive efficiency across your value chain
  • Foster innovation with employees and suppliers
  • Strengthen confidence amongst your employees and suppliers

For businesses at the start of their sustainability journey, ensuring environmental risks are covered is paramount.  For those on top of their sustainability compliance requirements, setting SBTs and being top of the CDP league table are great resolutions for 2019.  Get in touch to discuss your goals for 2019 and see how we can support you.

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