We fully support the peaceful protests that have taken place worldwide following the killing of George Floyd. Racial injustice has no place in our society, and we believe that we all have a responsibility to act to eliminate it. Those that have taken their voice to the streets at personal risk and those that have spoken out here and in other countries must be able to count us as allies.

The current and growing movement has been a wake-up call for me personally and should be a wake-up call for our business. Not a discovery that there is a huge problem of racism in society but a loud reminder that we cannot be content to only think the right thoughts or be satisfied we are not part of the problem. It is a reminder that each of us, especially those of us who benefit from white privilege, must act and continue to act to remove the scourge of racial prejudice.

Quite frankly we haven’t done enough. We are an overly white business, that does too little to address the systemic bias in the workforce, the economy and the education systems on which we rely. As a sustainability organisation, we fundamentally believe that environmental and social justice are inextricably connected, yet we don’t do enough to regularly check our own privilege and ensure that we are doing what we can to combat bias and promote equality. The current protests are a reminder that we must do more.

So what are we going to do? It starts with leadership. Our leadership team is white – we cannot make the right changes without perspectives we as individuals cannot hold, so we will seek external help. With that help we will look at what we are getting wrong and what we are getting right, we will ensure that the thinking, the decisions, and the actions at Avieco truly reflect the values that we hold. Beyond that, diversity and race should be part of our actions and our conversations in the business – so, I ask each member of our team and particularly those people of colour to step forward to help us improve – with your suggestions, your ideas, your challenges. We will listen. We won’t get it right in one go, but over time we can improve, and we must.

We will set ourselves the objective of running a business whose makeup truly reflects the community in which we work. Our mission is to make sustainability more than a word. The sustainability of Avieco vitally includes the diversity of the people who work here and we need to do more than just talk about it, we need to make it core to what we do – for ourselves, for our clients, and for our communities. At Avieco, black lives matter needs to be more than just words.

Ben Murray

Chief Executive Officer

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more than a word.

We get that change is not easy. But we must be brave, challenge old ways, set new habits, embrace new thinking.