At the same time that we hear of record levels of electricity generation from wind in the UK we read BP’s rather gloomy latest energy outlook.

BP are forecasting a doubling of the world economy over the next twenty years with a rise in energy demand of nearly 40%. If two thirds of this demand is met through fossil fuel based generation, as BP predict, then we have no chance of sticking to the path recommended by climate scientists to give us a 50% chance of only seeing a 2°C rise in temperatures.

The solution remains the same – we must work to significantly cut our use of energy and energy intense resources. This is particularly true in the west, where COemissions are many times higher per person than in the developing world.

The UK has committed to reduce emissions by 80% against 1990 levels and every business in the UK has a role to play in achieving this. Avieco believe that with careful management, effective engagement and modest investment we can all make substantial cuts to the impact we have on the climate.

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