Why you shouldn’t opt for next day delivery

With Christmas around the corner, suppliers are ramping up production, retailers are introducing extra shifts and customers, wish list ready, are starting to buy presents for their nearest and dearest. Online shopping is a great way to avoid the hustle and bustle of after work shopping – a grueling experience for many. Research also suggests, that if you don’t have loads of failed deliveries and you don’t return everything you buy, online shopping can be a more sustainable method of shopping.

However, did you know that your choice of delivery method you opt for will have a considerable impact on the environment? Here’s why:

Typically, standard delivery for UK and Europe is transport by road. With standard delivery third party carriers have the time to transport the goods to their main hubs and distribute them from there. However, when you select express, and most certainly next day, road – HGV (heavy goods vehicle) – transport is just not fast enough. So, then there are two options: express delivery vans and flights.

Express delivery vans bypass the hubs and get the orders straight from the retailer to the customers. The vans are smaller and with less goods being transported, meaning that the journey is also more carbon intensive per item transported. For example, let’s say you have ordered a brand-new pair of boots from London coming from Edinburgh, which weigh approximately 2kg. Transporting the goods via standard delivery (road haulage HGV vans) would have an impact of 0.2 kg CO₂e compared to 0.9 kg CO₂e if express delivery vans were used – nearly 5 times more carbon intensive!

Flights, and in particular, short haul flights, are extremely carbon intensive. It is 15 times less carbon intensive to transport goods via road than it is to fly them. Let’s say you decide to order your boots from Madrid instead. By road, a 2kg parcel to Madrid would account for 0.4 kg CO₂e whereas by air it be 5.5 kg CO₂e alone.

A simple purchasing decision, a click-online, can mean that the impact of the transport of your new boots are 15 times more carbon intensive than by standard delivery. So, as you’re planing your holiday shopping, bear in mind the impact of your decisions. If you don’t really need next day or express, use standard delivery – not only will you save the additional costs, but you will also reduce the environmental impact of your Christmas treats.

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