On 29th May, the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) published their paper on ‘Counting carbon in global trade’ where Avieco’s sustainability consultants Emily Wain and Daniel Murray discuss the opportunities and challenges of using certification to reduce imported emissions.

We discuss how certification can help SMEs demonstrate action in sustainability, in carbon and beyond, as well as the challenges faced in doing so. The main challenges identified were a lack of resources and ensuring that certification drives action towards improvement. Sustainability certification, however, has multiple benefits such as driving operational efficiency and standing up to competitors.

Read the full report here.

For over a decade we have been helping UK SMEs become more sustainable and achieve environmental credentials that not only offer a road map to implement key sustainability initiatives but also win customer and stakeholder confidence. We have identified that for businesses to become truly sustainable they need to think beyond carbon and take action on wider environmental and social issues.

In June, Avieco will be launching its new Smart Sustainability certification this will enable businesses to demonstrate tangible action and measurable results to its stakeholders, across a broad range of sustainability topics including carbon footprint, waste management, social responsibility and sustainable procurement/products. Smart Sustainability will provide businesses with a robust framework towards real action, showing they are a responsible business.

‘Stakeholder expectations around sustainability are constantly changing. We know that every business can be sustainable. We support businesses to demonstrate sustainability action in a cost-effective way that enables them to stand out from competitors and has long term business benefits.’

Emily Wain

Consultant, Avieco

Visit here to learn more about our Smart Sustainability certification.

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