Joining Avieco is probably the most exciting thing I have done in my career. I was determined to bring my skills and experience to bear in the fight for a more sustainable world, and help business embrace this huge but exciting challenge. When I first met with the Avieco’s co-founders, Ben and Louise, I quickly realised we shared this ambition. I was also mightily impressed by the strong Avieco culture, as well as the exceptionally talented and diverse team they have assembled. It’s an honour to be part of it.

Ian Bell

Director, Aveico

Ian Bell joined Avieco earlier this year as a company director to lead Avieco’s expanding sustainability strategy service for Avieco’s growing and diverse client list – one that includes Google, the UK Government, ASOS, Domino’s Pizza, and BNP Paribas. With over twenty years’ experience in marketing, communications and business strategy, Ian will further consolidate Avieco’s strengths in advising clients on how to integrate sustainability strategies across their entire organisations, while enabling them to not only meet but exceed the fast-changing expectations of their stakeholders. He will further develop Avieco’s capabilities in environmental-related communications and stakeholder engagement, as well as corporate responsibility programmes.

Ian’s sustainability knowledge stems from studying Sustainability Design and Innovation at both Imperial and the Open University, systems thinking at the School of System Change, and most recently Business Sustainability Management at Cambridge University. He has also advised global corporates and government on environmental marketing and communications campaigns.


The challenge of the next ten years is to ensure that sustainability becomes more than a word. This is a huge challenge for business and for us at Avieco as we build on thirteen years of experience to expand and develop our support for our clients. Ian brings a wealth of experience, a different perspective and a great energy to a key leadership role in the team as we meet this challenge. We are excited to have him onboard and he has already made a difference with a number of our key clients, our team and to me personally – welcome Ian.

Ben Murray

Chief Executive Officer, Aveico

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