Sustainability and net zero are now on the agenda of businesses across all sectors, and of all sizes. The strategic choices leaders take to address environmental and socio-economic sustainability imperatives are critical for businesses to thrive.

Complying with basic regulations and minimum industry initiatives is no longer acceptable.

Investors, customers, employees, and suppliers are all asking for businesses to prove leadership and drive action in the fight against climate change.

Many organisations are scrambling to get their net zero targets set up. 2050 is the deadline science has given us. By 2050 all nations, businesses, and individuals must be net zero to avoid catastrophic consequences on Earth’s climate system. And to reach that target, we should all act now – this is the decade of climate change for a reason.

Yet, we’re all in different stages in our path towards net zero. Some haven’t defined their journey yet. Others might be slightly further down the road, whilst the trailblazers out front are incorporating sustainability into their core business with robust strategies, setting ambitious and realistic targets and delivering messages that hit home with all stakeholders.

Moreover, for certain businesses, industries, or even regions of the world, net zero won’t be achievable in time, due to a lack of resources, technology and know-how. The expectation is for other businesses to go beyond net zero, becoming net positive.

The global economy will have to be net zero, even if some sectors within it will not get there at the right time. Whilst some sectors will have to play catch up, the others will have to work harder and faster to reach that goal and allow us to stay within our budget.

Ben Murray

CEO, Avieco

So will the race to zero really save us?

There is no straight answer. Net zero is not the ultimate goal, as some might think, rather an important step – a requirement to transform organisations and to help them embed sustainability into their business model.

In a recent interview with The European, CEO Ben Murray shares his insights on what net zero means for organisations and the world, how they should achieve this target and why it will make good business sense for them to do so.

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