How to improve the sustainability of your packaging

Tackling plastics – Time to act

Last year, Blue Planet struck a chord with the public: we have a plastics pollution problem. It’s leaching into our environment and finding its way into our oceans, being swept up to the Arctic, ingested by marine life causing harm, polluting our waterways and reducing the aesthetic value of the places we love the most. Since then, plastics have been continuously finding its way into the headline news: from single-use plastics bans on Italian island Isole Tremiti to a plastic straw ban at Wimbledon; the word is now reacting to the plastic challenge.

What does this mean for business? Packaging with a focus on plastics has made its way to the top of the agenda, with customers, staff, the public and NGOs all asking, “what is your business doing about plastic?” The right answer isn’t always obvious, particularly when you start to weigh up other customer demands such as health and safety or convenience.

To help you think about how your business can respond to the packaging challenge BEE Anglia with Suffolk County Council, East of England Co-op and Carbon Smart are running a free half-day event on June 20th to hear what other local businesses are doing in this space and to network with similar like-minded people.

Tackling the packaging challenge

Our sustainability objectives and how we are working with our suppliers to meet them

Collaboration is key when it comes to tackling the packaging challenge facing supply chains and operations. Find out more about the Co-op’s packaging initiatives and how they will be working with their suppliers to tackle one of the greatest challenges of our time.

Tackling the packaging challenge Suffolk

How we worked with Delipac to transform our packaging

Changing your packaging may sound daunting but it needn’t be. Find out how Hadleigh Maid worked with Delipac to transform their packaging in under three months to become 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.

Tackling the packaging challenge Suffolk

A small business taking on a big challenge and how we succeeded

As a small business driving change within your supply chain may seem impossible. Although challenging, it is not impossible. Find out how Hodmedod’s tackled their biggest challenges and how they succeeded in minimising packaging across their operations.

Tackling the packaging challenge Suffolk

The importance of including sustainability in the design process

Frugalpac, a business designed to tackle the plastic pollution challenge, discuss the importance of considering sustainability at the design stage and how business must consider sustainability at all stages of the product’s life cycle.

Join us on the day

To hear how businesses are tackling one of the greatest current challenges join us at the ‘Tackling Packaging Challenge’ event on June 20th. For further details and to register please follow the link.

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