Sustainability Consultant

As a consultant, I focus on the life cycle assessment of products and services to help clients make their supply chains more transparent and accountable. By listening to the stories of influential companies such as Dentsu International and Urenco I develop innovative solutions that are tailored to their business needs and sustainability targets. 

Prior to Avieco, I worked as an engineer in a technology start-up in Cambridge. Here I tested different materials and behaviours to use in flexible displays, VR lenses and other exciting platforms. 

I graduated with a masters’ degree in materials science and engineering at Queen Mary University of London where I learned the structure-property relations of materials and how they are used across industries like robotics, medicine and transportation. My summers were spent interning at marketing firms, delivering design workshops and coding electronic boards. 

Having explored so many fields and having a very analytical mind, I found in sustainability and at Avieco the holistic and problem-solving approach that is truly meaningful to me. 

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