Associate Director

I lead the energy and renewables services at Avieco, helping to deliver insight for decision makers – from early stage scoping, including business case development and financial modelling, through to installation project management. I’m passionate about maximising the benefit of renewables through energy productivity for organisations.

I understand the key challenges within the energy sector, and have added value to projects for public, private and third sector clients, including project financing and installation project management for local authorities, renewable energy feasibility studies for community energy groups, and energy audits and efficiency business cases for Royal Mail, City Fibre, and Bunzl – amongst others.

I studied Physics at Oxford, covering atmospheric physics and climate change. After graduating, I worked in Germany which provided a new perspective on embedding environmental considerations into daily life. We’ve been on the back foot in the UK, but I’m now confident that businesses, policy makers and individuals will make the transition to sustainable living.

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We get that change is not easy. But we must be brave, challenge old ways, set new habits, embrace new thinking.