As a strategist, I am excited by how sustainability will become a primary lens for how companies, of all shapes and sizes, future-proof their business to address societal concerns about both their environmental impact and their ethical behaviour. As a director at Avieco, I help businesses to successfully navigate these challenges, assessing the risks and opportunities in this sustainability context, helping them to identify the areas of material risk where they need to act, but equally the opportunities for innovation, enhanced efficiency, and value creation, be it in their business model, their supply chain, operations, or new products and services for their customers.

My most recent clients include Christie’s and ITN.

With a background in strategic marketing and communications, I also value the importance of communications in enabling sustainability-driven change to happen, how it can engage different stakeholder groups in support of that change, and how reporting progress can galvanise and inspire. Sustainability frequently provides opportunities for brands to enhance their reputation with new narratives around corporate responsibility, and engage consumers by meeting their evolving sustainability-driven wants and needs.

I have studied Business Sustainability Management at the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Management, and I am a member of their global sustainability leader community. I have also studied sustainability and innovation at the Open University and as part of a course, ‘Transitioning to a zero-carbon economy’, at Imperial College.

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