At Avieco, I lead our sustainable products services, which focus on helping our clients ensure the materials, goods and services that they purchase and produce are sustainable. I specialise in environmental and social value chain impact assessments, lifecycle reviews, sustainable sourcing and circular economy strategies. I am passionate about helping our clients understand their environmental and social impacts and what they can do to create positive change.

I understand the challenges that come with value chain work from gathering good data through to the best ways to engage with suppliers and I regularly support our clients to overcome these issues so they can achieve their goals. I have been privileged to advise and support some fantastic businesses on their sustainability journeys including Google, Seasalt, Adnams, Bunzl, Liz Earle and Croda.

I studied Environmental Technology at Imperial College London, with a focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. With a personal interest to always understand how things are made and where they come from, I joined Avieco to establish our sustainable products service line, with a hope to inspire businesses to look beyond their immediate operations and drive positive change across their value chain.

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We get that change is not easy. But we must be brave, challenge old ways, set new habits, embrace new thinking.