Training Manager

As Training Manager, I am responsible for creating and delivering positive and high-quality learning experiences for my colleagues at Avieco. My training plan supports the wider company objectives and engages employees with their personal learning goals.   

Before joining Avieco, I was working in the Education sector designing solutions to organisations’ training needs and facilitating the delivery of programmes both in the UK and overseas. After 17 years, I felt a change was needed and switched to focus on Learning & Development in the workplace, recognising the enormous value it generates.   

Working in sustainability, and with like-minded people who are in the pursuit of improved quality of life for all, is extremely motivating. I love spending time with my family, friends and dog in the great outdoors and thinking of new ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

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it's personal.

We get that change is not easy. But we must be brave, challenge old ways, set new habits, embrace new thinking.